Rules Of Operation

Innsaei yoga studio
IČO: 05874009
Responsible person: Alina Khairulina
Address: Slavíkova 5, Praha 2, 120 00
Innasei rules engThese Rules of Operation govern the mutual contractual terms that regulate and establish the legal relationship between Innsaei yoga studio (hereinafter referred to as the "Studio") and its visitors in the provision of physical culture and sports services. The operating rules serve primarily to ensure order, safety and protection of studio visitors.

Activity is regulated by law 634/1992 from 31.12.1992, Czech Republic on the protection of the rights of the client.

1.1. The visitor is obliged to familiarize himself with these Rules of work, comply with them and behave in accordance with them. By paying the entrance fee according to the current price list of the Studio, the visitor expresses his full and unconditional agreement with the Rules of the Studio.

2.1. The studio is intended for amateur sports use by the public.
2.2. The Studio is open daily, including weekends, according to the current schedule, which is posted on the website or in printed form in the Studio. Planned changes in the Studio's working hours are published in advance on the Studio's website on Instagram ( and on the Studio's Facebook page.
2.3. The Visitor has the right to enter the territory of the Studio and use its equipment or use its services only on the basis of a duly paid entrance fee in accordance with the type of service drawn up with the currently valid price list of services.
2.4. A visit to yoga classes can be booked through the booking system, which is located on the studio's website, as well as through personal messages on Instagram or Telegram. With this system, you can also track the current status of the use of subscriptions.

3.1. After entering the Studio, each client must leave the street shoes in a designated area. Clients can store their clothes in the locker room. The Organizer does not bear any responsibility for valuables (especially money, jewelry, documents, car keys, etc.) and for items left on the territory of the Studio. The client can take valuables with him to the gym or leave them in the locker room.
3.2. Any theft or loss of personal items must be reported to the administrator or coach. It is also the visitor's duty to call the police to draw up a protocol and separately fill out the submitted form for the insurance company.

3.3. Each client is obliged to follow the instructions of the staff. Attendance is only allowed in suitable clothing. It is also forbidden to pollute the premises in any way.
3.4. Smoking, consumption of alcohol and other narcotic or psychotropic substances are strictly prohibited on the territory of the Studio. In addition, it is not allowed to bring weapons, ammunition and other dangerous items into the Studio's premises, the handling of which may harm the health or property of the Studio and/or third parties.
3.5. Each client is also required to follow the trainer's instructions regarding exercises and equipment. Otherwise, the Studio does not bear any responsibility for accidents or injuries. Any injuries should be reported immediately to the administrator or any instructor present.
3.6. During sporting events, the client must not endanger his or her health or the health of other participants.
3.7. At the end of the lesson, each client should clean up the borrowed equipment and clean the borrowed rug.
3.8. Visitors are responsible for maintaining order throughout the Studio, for the safety of the Studio's property and for damage caused by violation of the rules of operation. Visitors are required to comply with the relevant fire safety regulations, in particular, observe the ban on handling open flames in the Studio's premises. Visitors are obliged to inform the administrator about all detected defects and accidents.
3.9. Persons in a state of alcoholic or other narcotic, psychotropic or addictive substance intoxication, in dirty or clearly inappropriate clothing, as well as persons causing public outrage, or persons otherwise violating the Rules of the Studio, are prohibited from entering the territory of the Studio. In these cases, the Studio employees have the right to ask these persons to leave the Studio at any time. Otherwise, they may be removed from the Studio's premises without compensation.
3.10. Children under the age of 16 can be on the territory of the Studio with the prior consent of the staff, always accompanied by parents who are fully responsible for any damage caused to the health of their child, third parties and property of the Organizer through the fault of the child.
3.11. In the event that the responsibility for a person under the age of 16 is assumed by the instructor of the Studio as part of the physical education class, the responsibility for this person passes from the parents or other accompanying adult until the return of the accompanying person. After the end of the lesson, this accompanying person is responsible for the movement of a person under the age of 16 through the territory of the Studio.
3.12. The Visitor is responsible for the loss, destruction, or damage to the Organizer's property in full, even if this damage occurred as a result of unintentional actions. The visitor who caused the damage is obliged to compensate it to the Organizer without delay.
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