Our Yoga studio combines traditional knowledge with modern research

AT OUr classes, people are filled with energy, rebooting and relaxing

in the studio, we focus on psychology and emotions. By doing this, we are trying to convey the importance of conscious life, the importance of living with our emotions


Innsaei yoga studio was founded in May 2020.

There is The Miners coffee upstairs, which means that you can always enjoy delicious coffee or work there before or after yoga. You can come to yoga with friends, and then spend time together in a coffee shop.

By the way, it was the owner of The Miners coffee who suggested a room for yoga, when Alina, the founder of the studio, just came to drink coffee. On that day, she did not even suspect that her life and the lives of many people would turn 180 degrees.

The InnSaei project itself has a long history. The project originally consisted of a series of women's lectures and retreats and then gradually developed into a studio, which is now located at Jiřího z Poděbrad.
We create the space where you take care of yourself, your body and mind through yoga, meditation and breathing practices.

The space where everyone will find something for themselves: recharge, inspiration, balance, exercise or relaxation.

The space where you will be safe, comfortable and interested.
the InnSaei studio
Those who create
atmosphere of
Our teachers have been practicing yoga for a long time, constantly developing and learning from teachers all over the world
Hatha yoga, sound therapy, om healing, mantra story
Alina Khairulina
Founder of the InnSaei yoga studio
Stretching, Sadhu Nails Practice
Сertified instructor
Nastya Skvortsova
Smart Yoga, Sensual Yoga
Сertified Hatha yoga instructor, author of educational programs and methodological yoga manuals
Hatha yoga with Tibetan bowls, yoga nidra, healthy back yoga, balancing yoga
Сertified instructor
Stretching, Stretching Yoga, Sadhu Nails Practice
Сertified instructor
Alina Kuzina
Hatha yoga with therapeutic elements, yin yoga, pregnant yoga, healthy back yoga, women yoga
Certified yoga instructor
Certified yoga instructor
Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, healthy back yoga
Kundalini yoga
Certified yoga instructor
Olga Vanovskaya
Yoga therapy, Hatha yoga, Healthy back yoga, pregnant yoga
Certified yoga instructor
Hatha yoga, healthy back, Bottle rocket yoga (power yoga)
Certified yoga instructor
Tantra yoga, face massage
Certified yoga instructor
Evgeniya Katalevskaya
Content strategist
Anastasia Gayvoronskaya
SMM, copywriter
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